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Ready, Steady, Charged !

Everyone has a desire for a beautiful, healthy, muscular body, but realizing this dream is not so easy. Those who start some kind of conventional training, usually face the problem that doesn't matter how hard they try to achieve visible result, it takes forever.  After couple of months of hard training and a tiny growth of the biceps, people realize that they are just wasting too much time and they give up the whole process. Nevertheless the progress is often broken by the lack of time, loss of enthusiasm or the physical limits of the body.

Speeding up these results attracts everyone, the beginners in the gym, the trained customers and even the professional sportsmen. 

XBody offers a training program that leads to maximal efficiency and guarantees the fastest possible outcome. With the help of electrical impulses - reaching to 90% of the muscles of the body - we can generate such a powerful and concentrated muscle contraction, which with conventional workout can only be carried out by well trained sportsmen only. Generally this level of efficiency is the result of movement coordination developed in a few years. The EMS technology helps to leap through this initial phase and gives the results, efficiency and even success of advanced training immediately.

As the whole muscular system of the body works together during XBody training, you can save a lot of time compared to usual training methods. Quick results show up with twenty-minute-long trainings, only twice a week. The electrical impulses stimulate the muscles directly, so you avoid the danger of overloading of joints and any other injuries.

XBody training can be combined with any kind of physical activity. If you are practicing pilates, yoga, or some functional training, the electrical impulses carried out by XBody amplifiy that activity, so it can be a perfect accessory for any preferred training form.

XBody also helps the tightening of the body with extended calorie consumption. This kind of muscle work raises the amount of energy needed by the body until the effect of the training is not compensated with the strengthening of muscle tissues (this lasts for about 24-48 hours, until the fatigue-fever is gone). The raised energy consumption of muscle-cells transforms the body into a fat burning machine. This afterburning effect is the most effective and most natural way of boosting metabolism.

The XBody trainer is not a new miracle in the world of fitness, just a great partner for increasing the efficiency of the performed exercises and bringing closer the intensity of advanced trainings for all. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of XBody: the rock hard 
boxing world champion Klicsko brothers, the high-energy singer Madonna, the average fitness level people and even the more careful pensioners.


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