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How does it work?

The EMS technology makes the body do intensive muscle work, which functions like a regular dumb-bell training, but it takes shorter time, protects the joints and operates on both the surface and the deep muscular systems simultaneously. This way of training can be applied in professional sports, medical rehabilitation, prevention and everyday training as well. It gives everyone the opportunity to reach a level of productivity that could only be reached after a couple of years of regular training forms.​

Creating this revolution in the health and fitness market was the declared objective of XBODY engineers and developers. Electrical Muscle Stimulation training (EMS-training) with XBODY uses a low frequency current to target every major muscle group (agonist and antagonists at the same time) simultaneously without stressing the heart or joints. A jacket fitted with electrodes enables the current to reach even the most awkward-to-exercise deeper lying muscle groups while stimulating the immune system, metabolism and blood circulation. It also aids back trouble, weak pelvis muscles, muscular imbalance and obesity, two twenty-minute training sessions per week have the same effect as 6-7 hours of conventional workouts


The muscle tension produced in a maximal XBody EMS contraction can be up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction. This finding was corroborated by independent studies and makes intuitive sense, given the nature of the body's energy conservation system.

Since individual muscle fibers can be completely exhausted in just a few seconds, the body has adopted several strategies to prolong endurance. Slow twitch (red) fiber is used first in voluntary contractions, as it is energy efficient, though not very powerful. Thereafter only sufficient strong, but voracious, fast twitch (white) fiber is added to handle the load.

In addition, muscles work their individual fibers in relays, always holding some back from even the most demanding load to maintain a reserve. Therefore, it's impossible to voluntarily contract all fibers simultaneously. The order of recruitment makes it likely that most of the fibers held in reserve will be white.

EMS works directly on the muscles, bypassing the body's energy conservation system, thus there's no limit to the percentage of fiber that can be activated. The EMS stimulus "spills over" from fully contracted fiber to activate remaining fiber (given sufficient current) allowing the athlete to experience a training stimulus that's unattainable by any other means. 


The positive effects of EMS technology

  • Targets muscle building: The electrodes are perfectly smooth on the body surface and thanks to this, every impulse hits the targeted muscle, so there is no possibility of a wrong exercise at all.
  • Rebalances the muscular system: The external impulses help the weaker muscles of the body to build up easily.
  • Prevents joint loading problems: The electrical impulse has a direct effect on a muscle, so the danger of joint overloading is obviated.
  • Takes short time: The complete muscular system works simultaneously during the training, so the time of training is reduced to    15-20 minutes, only 2-3 times a week!
  • Improves the blood supply of surrounding tissues: Pumping the muscles is one of the best ways to nurture muscle cells.
  • Reduces cellulite: Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and activation: Instead of only treating the surface, the XBODY provides a deeper solution: The electrical impulses activate the musculature and connective tissue in its entirety, stimulating circulation and the removal of superfluous fat cells.
  • Lowers fat: The effective strengthening training turns the body into a real calorie incinerator.
  • Improves mood and body posture: The electrical impulses can reach the stabilizer muscles and force them to work too.
  • Reduces backache: The electrodes in the training vest help to develop the muscles along the spine, so all the problems, which come from the weak stabilizer muscles, can be omitted.
  • Prevents bone breaking and osteoporosis: Bigger muscles force the corresponding bones to thicken so they become stronger and more resistant.
  • Provides personalized and discrete training program: Every muscle group can be stimulated in the most adequate way, without allowing anybody else to see our impulse




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