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Fields of application 

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training with XBody stimulates all the muscle groups when electric impulses pass through the body. It effects 90% of the muscles of the body–training 8 muscle groups simultaneously; that is 64 muscles at the same time, during one 20 minute training session, while burning thousands of calories! Two 20 min sessions a week with XBODY equal 6-7 hours of conventional weight training.
See great results after just a few sessions in muscle growth, body fat and size reduction, and tightening of skin and tissue are visibly noticeable.

Fitness & Sport

-Maximum strength development

-Increase endurance
-Muscle growth
-Improve muscular imbalances
-Improve efficiency

Health & Rehabilitation

-Improve posture

-Improve back and hips complaints
-Improve cardiovascular system and blood circulation
-Improve muscular imbalance
-Improve incontinence
-Aiding the recovery process of injuries
-Assisting recovery post orthopedic surgery
-Possible preventative solution to orthopedic surgery

Beauty & Appearance

-Weight and fat loss

-Improve metabolism
-Skin and tissue tightening
-Cellulite treatment
-Improve vitality
-Better wellbeing
-Regulating eating habits


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