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Lean & Firm

Nice skin, trendy hair, stylish clothes, and neat accessories: all of these are necessary ingredients of a perfect appearance, but this is not enough. What can a trendy outfit give you if the sexy jeans are tight on the bottom and the nice top is suspiciously shaking around the belly? Some extra pounds can ruin your look and mood. This situation is familiar to a lot of people and probably most will make a New Year's resolution, or simply a strong decision to go to a gym and lose 5-6 pounds a month, but nothing turns out as planned.

Regular strengthening trainings take considerable time to show results, even with maximal perseverance. With the help of XBody even a novice person can carry out an intensive training session like an advanced sportsmen can. This leads to fast and handsome results.

Using XBody, there is absolutely no need for huge gym equipment, heavy weights and extremely difficult exercises. The EMS technology applied in the medical sciences is used by the XBody system to stimulate the muscles with electrical impulses, in order to contract and loosen them by themselves. The training procedure is absolutely safe.

Unlike simple electrified training devices XBody works on the whole body, so anyone can get into shape with just two twenty-minute-long trainings every week. The abdomen, the back, the bottom, the legs and the arms are working not only together, but also very effectively, which leads to nice muscle-tones and even to intensive calorie burning for about a day long.

The electrical impulses stimulate not only the visible surface, but also the hardly reachable deep muscular system, thus you can get rid of your backache and posture problems.

The cellulite program of the system can be used to extensively work the surface fat and shake off the cellulite, the constant problem of the summer season. Another pleasant function of XBody is that after a hard training we can pamper ourselves with a pleasant massage.


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