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A step torward good health

Nowadays, the sedentary lifestyle is quite an epidemic. As years pass by, the growing loss of muscles and the expanding fat can imply a dramatic chain of effects of weight gain and backache problems, which lead to more physical inactivity, thus further degeneration of the body. This leads to a vicious cycle. The decision to change one's way of living is very difficult for those who are not practicing physical exercise. Even if one decides to do some training, the initial difficulties and the barely apparent results discourage him from further work. This lifestyle can lead to serious body diseases that can make all sports or training become impossible.

XBody provides the technology for everyone to improve their muscles in a concentrated, effective and safe way. Because the contractions of muscles are caused by an external electrical stimulation, this training can be done perfectly and effectively without the need of any movement coordination or accurate position. The different body parts can be stimulated by impulses of different amplitudes for everybody, thus physical imbalances can be compensated.

The strengthening training has the benefit of strengthening arterial muscles, elastic arteries and veins to reduce the risk of a heart attack. The maximal loading of the muscles substantially raises the calorie consumption rates, so the EMS technology can play an important role in the fight against weight problems, obesity. Muscularity helps to effectively prevent osteoporosis too, the muscles adhering on larger surfaces support the body structure and help to strengthen the bones holding the weight of the body. One of the advantages of XBody over regular trainings is that it stimulates not only the surface, but also the stabilizer muscles, so backache, waist problems and spinal disk hernia can be treated as well. Furthermore, XBody training is absolutely safe for the joints because muscle contraction is aimed and triggered directly.

XBody is exceedingly applicable for rehabilitation. Surprisingly good muscular activity can be reached even in a lying position. The system is accurate and safe, the special electrodes  we use are the results of heart surgery researches of the last couple of years. The electrodes are extremely flexible, so they are perfectly fit to the body surface and, thanks to the gilded connectors, the electrical impulses are not concentrated in a single spot on the body, they are spread throughout the whole surface of the electrodes. This technology helps the total elimination of the improper muscle stimulation caused by the wrong technique often used in the conventional workout.

The XBody machine serves as complete gym equipment, but it takes up only two square meters. Thanks to the small size, it is easy to transport the system and it can be set up almost everywhere. The novelty of the training vest, arm- and leg band is that every connector and electrode can be removed easily, so they can be washed and sterilized.​


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