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  • XBodyShaping is an intense whole body 20 minutes  EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulating) workout

  • This is the latest fitness trend from Europe, now for the first time in the USA

  • 90% of the muscles in the body get super stimulated receiving 80 contraction per second signals

  • Only 2x20 minutes workout  a week!!! Helps to achieve the same results as 6-7 hours training in the gym

  • The electrical impulse directly stimulates the muscle so you avoid joint overloads and muscle injuries

  • Ultimate way to burn fat,reduce cellulite,tighten body as the result of a high efficiency calorie burning effect

  • The impulses stimulate not only the surface but the deep muscular system thus help to get rid of backache

  • The latest technology where fitness and health is combined with science to achieve your goals​​

  • Strength training, muscle definition, cardiovascular training, weight loss and cellulite reduction

  •  EMS certified trainers set your personalized training to tailor your program for the fastest result

  • At the end of the training session we offer you a free protein shake

What's Your Goal?

The Technology







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